Strengthening Families: Building Your Toolbox

Jul 11, 2018 Michael Pesare (0)

August 1, 2018


Presenter: Rijelle Kraft, Center for Schools and Communities


Description: The Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework is a strengths-based approach that many organizations integrate into their work with families. One of the major characteristics of the framework is that organizations and professionals create environments where parents and caregivers build protective factors for their families. This highlights the emphasis that this is an approach rather than a program or curriculum to follow. This can sometimes make the protective factors seem more theoretical than practical and leave practitioners with the question “Yes, but how do we do it?” However, there are strategies and everyday actions that can support the implementation of this approach. Join this webinar for a deeper look into the everyday actions and tools that have been developed by national organizations to support Strengthening Families implementation. Participants will share their knowledge and experience using the framework.


Transcript (PDF)



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